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Nina Larissa Bassett (DEN) / Ivo Briedis (LAT) / Elin Petersdottir (ISL) / Janne Saarakkala (FIN): Leftovers From the War


After closing hours, the audience will encounter four exhibits. They are artists, exemplary products of European welfare from the late 20th century. What are they made of?

The audience will be divided into four groups, each following one artist. In the footsteps of their family elders, the artists will reveal what shaped their characters and what brings them together. Private details will pierce the dusty backdrop of official history.

Nina Larissa Bassett is a writer, dramaturge and theatre maker. She has programmed international festivals, arranged performing arts networks and co-founded three small theatre companies, including the site-specific group TeaterKUNST.

Ivo Briedis is a freelance screenwriter, playwright and director. He has worked on screen, radio, stage and site-specific performances and collaborated with state theatres and independent groups around Europe.

Elin Petersdottir is a freelance actress, director and writer-translator. She holds a Master of Arts in Theatre and Drama from the Theatre Academy Helsinki and has worked on productions for both stage and film.

Janne Saarakkala is a director, scriptwriter and performer. He works for institutional theatres and free theatre groups in Finland. He is a founder member of Reality Research Centre.

Produced by: Leftovers from the War & Baltic Circle

Supported by: Nordic Culture Point & TEKIJÄ – Theatre Touring Network project & National Museum of Finland

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Concept, Script, Direction and Performing: Nina Larissa Bassett, Ivo Briedis, Elin Petersdottir & Janne Saarakkala

Visual design: Antti Nikkinen

Light design: Nanni Vapaavuori

Sound design: Tuuli Kyttälä

Production: Vilma Pietilä


Time: THU 8.11. 19:00, FRI 9.11. 19:00 & SAT 10.11. 18:30 & 20:30
Location: The National Museum of Finland
Price: 25 / 15 €
Language: English & summary in Finnish
Duration: 1 h 45 mins (incl. intermission)