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Lind & Ojanen: HEIDI KLEIN (FIN)


A two day encounter with professionals from the Nordic and Baltic countries facilitating culture and cross-sector cooperation. NordMatch is a meeting point for those who are interested in the ways in which culture can play a role in different sectors of society.

In the link below you can read TEKIJÄ-project’s touring coordinator Ennis Grundström’s thesis “Mapping and research of touring networks for fringe groups” (in Swedish). Grundström graduated as Arts Manager from Yrkeshögskolan Novia in June 2012. The thesis focuses on the impact of the TEKIJÄ-project on touring in the Finnish performing arts...

As the summer holiday season approaches, also the project personnel takes a few weeks out of office. Most of the time there is always one of us on duty, the only exception is week 26. We wish you all a great Midsummer and beautiful summer holiday!   Detailed vacation information:   Maria Salomaa...

VISIT PERFORMING ARTS MARKET´S WEBPAGE AT:  http://performingartsmarket2012.wordpress.com/      PERFORMING ARTS MARKET 2012 *An open event during the 44th International Tampere Theatre Festival from the 9th to the 10th of August 2012*   TEKIJÄ - Theatre Touring Network Project organises an open Performing Arts Market...