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87 performing arts groups participated in the TEKIJÄ project

During the TEKIJÄ project 87 different performing arts groups were involved in TEKIJÄ with 153 touring performances. Here are the groups and their performances that participated in the projects’ activities. 6Pack
 6Packshow on Broadway, 6Packshow on Hollywood – ilo irti, Iskelmävuosisata by 6Packshow Agit-Cirk 
 Tenho, Kohti Sua...

TEKIJÄ project collected touring material during 2011-2013

During 2011-2013 the TEKIJÄ project aimed to create a working touring network between fringe groups in performing arts and the municipally subsidized city theatres in Southern and Western Finland. You can read more about the backgroud for the project here . The aim was also to educate groups and theatres on touring activities with the help...